115 Ways To Earn Money

115 Ways To Earn Money With Your Computer
1. Provide computer-based office management services for attorneys
2. Do word processing
3. Do medical billing for doctors
4. Do automated telemarketing
5. Manage a church
6. Start a computer user’s group
7. Learn to win at blackjack
8. Bet on horse races
9. Bet on pro football
10. Sell computers from your home
11. Provide medical information management
12. Broker information
13. Trade stock by computer
14. Provide astrological services
15. Offer an interactive electronic newsletter
16. Produce book indexes
17. Provide a computer-assisted booking service
18. Make stock market investment decisions
19. Do genealogical research
20. Manage a band
21. Manage a house or pet sitting service
22. Track precious gems
23. Sell information to collectors
24. Analyze real estate investments
25. Support a small law practice
26. Write a book
27. Market collectables
28. Do psychological counseling
29. Prepare income tax returns
30. Provide economic consulting
31. Solve real estate financing problems
32. Do data base research
33. Publish your own book
34. Design your own small business system
35. Crop management
36. Analyze farm expenses
37. Provide weekly printout of bowling league statistics
38. Make computer-generated portraits
39. Manage investment shelters
40. Manage construction costs
41. Produce computer utility products
42. Provide computer-aided financial planning
43. Sell life insurance
44. Support a small publishing business
45. Provide weekly printout of little league Baseball statistics
46. Run a small pharmacy
47. Become a computer dealer
48. Interpret physical therapy test results
49. Manage a restaurant
50. Start your own yellow pages
51. Conduct computer-assisted telephone interviewing
52. Stream-line executive search activities
53. Provide agricultural commodities planning
54. Turn financial statements into financial pictures
55. Manage a museum collection
56. Support consumer education programs
57. Do freelance technical writing
58. Do multi-level direct mail marketing
59. Review specialty software
60. Be an engineering consultant
61. Provide sports information services
62. Produce products for hobbyists
63. Provide specialty-focused software services
64. Run a multi-level, direct sales operation
65. Do litigation management
66. Manage a dairy farm
67. Provided automated debt collection
68. Provide date-base installation and instruction
69. Run a beauty school/beauty salon
70. Improve small business services
71. Broker used computers!
72. Telecommute
73. Enhance medical diagnosis and treatments
74. Create electronic marketing tools
75. Do independent software documentation
76. Teach people how to use microcomputers
77. Become your own computer book publisher
78. Create computer-generated puzzles and word games
79. Become a software consultant
80. Produce low-cost computer graphics products
81. Develop software for children
82. Perform real estate inspections
83. Do software translations
84. Produced a computer-controlled home security system
85. Automate conference registration
86. Create computer gifts
87. Enhance scientific products
88. Write software for use in the home
89. Manage a winery
90. Design and produce personal computer hardware or peripherals
91. Design, publish and distribute software
92. Provide information vending machines
93. Start a software writing cooperative
94. Develop small scale real estate partnerships
95. Do property management
96. Do mortgage loan brokerage
97. Perform non-judicial foreclosures
98. Develop mini-warehouse storage facilities
99. Sell instant signs
100. Start an advertising agency
101. Start a resume service.
102. Manage a talent agency
103. Operate a referral service
104. Operating a mailing list service
105. Operate a typesetting service
106. Offer a legal forms service for the general public
107. Publish your own newsletter or help others for a fee
108. Operate a voice mail service
109. Start your own local classified newspaper
110. Provide a collection letter service
111. Offer a custom diet plan service
112. Start your own local real estate newspaper
113. Start an apartment rental newspaper
114. Provide a payroll service
115. Start a singles dating service

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