For Mature Audiences OnlyIt is not the intention of this publication to proliferate or encourage sexually oriented merchandise. However, as an observer of entrepreneurial activities, this medium would be naive and pretentious to ignore a profitable, legal business that could possibly be of interest to others. The concept is plain and simple. Renting video tapes is profitable business. Renting adult videos is even more profitable. Most adults will watch X-rated tapes only occasionally. This attitude does not warrant them to purchase video tapes. They would rather pay a premium to rent the tapes that they want.

Sources for adult videos include local distributors, used tape distributors, and catalog houses. The average adult video costs $40. In volume, you can buy them wholesale for around $15 each.

Since adult videos are not sensitive to release schedules, they do not get dated in the same manner as theatrical films. As a result, adult videos generally enjoy a longer shelf life. Because of this, it can be rented more often and over a longer period of time. Where the average video can be rented approximately 40 times over a period of 12 months, adult videos can extend well in to 50 or 60 times. If you rent your videos even at $2 each, you can expect rental revenues of around $100 per tape per year. If you purchased the video for $15, you have just multiplied your investment 4 times. Furthermore, you can offer your year-old tapes for sale for around $12 each. (Note that selling adult videos across state lines is a Federal offense. If you want to sell tapes, sell them to your members in your local area. Likewise, you should check your local zoning regulations regarding this business.)

An adult video & book club can be more attractive and more profitable if the benefits and activities offered to members go beyond books and videos. You can offer club members special cruises where members of the opposite sex can be paired and offer special discounts available to couples . You can also organize parties that charge admission, where single people can meet.

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